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My Website that links to my other websites, the resources I sell and the courses I run.

Coding in Schools. All the different programmes for different levels.

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e-Learning support wiki. Follow the journey of several teachers who are changing the way

they teach and how students learn.

Blog that include posts about e-Learning integration, iPad integration, Google Docs in the Classroom and more


Ideas of how to use computers and devices in maths broken down into the strands.

Ideas of how to use computers and devices in literacy broken down into Reading, Writing and Spelling.

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This wiki is all about designing the tasks and how to deliver them.

This wiki is one I created for 'My Walk the Talk' 2013. I taught for 2 weeks at Clevedon School in Auckland in a Year 5/6 class. All the resources I developed for the time are available here for download.

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This is the wiki I created for the students and the teachers that observed me when I did the

Walk the Talk at Alfriston school in August 2014.

This is a website for the latest Walk the Talk at Ardmore school


Find out how to use Google Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Drawing, Forms, Calendars

and Sites in the classroom

Ideas of how to teach children to be better researchers.


I have tested every app on this site for its suitability for use in the classroom. There are apps for all curriculum areas and for personal use.

This wiki supports my iPads, iPod Touches in education course.

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Graphic organisers that I have designed/created to match HOT and thinking tools.

Wiki on building Digital Citizenship.

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Learn how to create a website for your classroom

This work is a work in progress. It contains units of work, resources for both teachers and students on certain topics.


This wiki supports my iPads, iPod Touches in education course.

Apps to use with Androids


This website has resources and ideas for creating 'Infographics'

So many students are only taught to publish in one way, the standard text, photo and frame on a Word document. Here is a hundred different ways to publish student work (Still a work in progress).


Activities, movies, jigsaws, QR codes, loads of resources!

A work in progress, this wiki will have links to all Web 2.0 tools and widgets you can use

in your blogs and wikis.


I started off this wiki for a class I team taught in at the beginning of Term Two 2011.

It was designed to be used by the children but also as a resource for teachers to see how to set up and run a wiki portal from the classroom. The classroom teacher has continued to add to it.

This website is designed to be used with students. They can use this independently to learn some of the basic skills of spreadsheeting using Excel, Google Spreadsheets and eventually Numbers

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Ideas and activities that can be used in the classroom. Tips on how to

edit photos. Tips on how to take great photos. Links to great photo effects sites.

A wiki just for junior teachers. Links and downloads for digital and non digital resources.


Tips and ideas of how to 'manage' an e-Learning classroom. Contributions gladly accepted. I would like to

build this into a resource that will benefit many teachers.

Tutorials and ideas of how to create movies in MovieMaker.


This wiki is based on Bernie Dodge: originator with Tom March of the Webquest concept in 1995

Starting the school year will give you some ideas about what to get ready to begin the year.

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This is still a work in progress, but it has some links that students can use for their learning

Variety of teacher, student, Principal and educators blogs and wikis, all writing about e-Learning

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This is my 365 days blog of photos I take throughout the year